Lintech is the music project of AJ Ferriols.

At the core of Lintech’s artistic vision lies a fascination with the world of espionage. His music exudes a distinct spy-themed aura, evoking images of intrigue, suspense, and clandestine operations. Through his compositions, he skillfully weaves together pulsating beats, haunting synth lines, and enigmatic soundscapes, transporting listeners to a realm where secrets are whispered and mysteries unfold.

Lintech’s music possesses a cinematic quality that lends itself perfectly to indie films and games. His evocative soundscapes can heighten the emotional impact of a scene, immerse players in the atmosphere of a virtual world, or provide the sonic backdrop for thought-provoking narratives.

With his experimental electronic industrial sound and spy-themed signature, Lintech is an artist whose music transcends boundaries, resonating with listeners seeking a unique auditory experience. Whether you find yourself immersed in an indie film or exploring the virtual realms of a game, Lintech’s music serves as the perfect companion, elevating the overall experience to mysterious heights.