The Synthesizer Orchestra

The Synth Orchestra is a special version of The Gangan Ensemble that started as a collaboration between WSK and SYNTHICIDE in 2010. It’s an open lineup of synth players that follows a score made by an “electronic conductor” application named Volume Control developed by Tad Ermitaño. Its most recent appearance was during the second SYNC event held late 2022.


SYNC is an event series that combines artist talks, show-and-tell and performances set in a relaxed environment. Its vision is to bring artists and enthusiasts together, and draw inspiration from each other’s projects. Among the participants are movers and pioneers in sound performance/production, notable (instrument) makers and DIYers.


MODULUS is a specialized event series focused on modular and semi-modular synthesis, plus DIY, modified, circuit bent instruments. The concept is to demystify and make modular synthesis more accessible, and to bring to the forefront our thriving DIY instrument maker community.


INTERZONE is a new event series that brings together performers from different music and performance styles. What will bind performances together will be the elements of invention, improvisation and experimentation.


SYNTHICIDE MUSIC is a case study in digital music publishing that was started in late May 2022. A number singles, albums, EPs and a compilation were released and a launch event was done in Oct 2022 at Gravity Art Space. After a year in operation, the project is currently inactive as it is rethought and refocused.