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2022 June Releases

This is the summary page for all 2022 June digital releases by SYNTHICIDE Music.

Namo - Congratulations [REPRISE]
SYN- 1 / Namo – Congratulations [REPRISE]

Namo is the music project of James Lorrence Ocampo. This album was originally released in Bandcamp via Acid Distribution.

▶ Listen to the album in Spotify:

Blend:er - Light Travel
SYNS-1 / Blend:er – Light Travel

Blend:er is the music project of Cris Garcimo. This was included in a Bandcamp compilation of Tubby Trousers.

▶ Listen to the single in Spotify:

Wallster - All Good
SYNS-2 / Wallster – All Good

Wallster is the music project of Wally Contento. Recorded in 2010, Wally said this was supposed to be a song for another project.

▶ Listen to the single in Spotify:

I Soar I - Ad Interim
SYNE-1 / I Soar I – Ad Interim

I Soar I is composed of Aldwin Patricio Santos, Ayn Ruth Zambrano Tolentino, Charina Vinuya Tianzon, Dimson Tolentino Venus, Darwin Tolentino Venus, Francis Calixto Fernandez Ronquillo. Originally intended as a remix EP, it was decided to be released as a maxi single using an unused track from their past album. It is also a collaborative release with the music project Names Are For Tombstones.

▶ Listen to the maxi single in Spotify:

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